Hydrogen Fuel Car

Petrol and diesel cars have been serving us for more than a hundred years, but we all know that they are not the future. But the question like this is, what you are seeing here is very good, it is just that this Toyota Mirai and Hyundai ix35 is a car that has a future name.

First Hydrogen Fuel Car

Toyota launched its first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the Mirai, in Japan in late 2014 and began selling in California.

Then Hyundai’s ix35 FCEV, also known as the Tucson FCEV, is a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. Which is developed by Hyundai. It is the first commercially sold SUV-like vehicle, as well as the first commercially mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the world.

What is a Hydrogen Fuel Car?

At first, its name is a bit misleading because such cars are called hydrogen cars. In fact, they are hybrids and this is because they use two power sources, a regular battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell, and drive electric motors. Using two power sources simultaneously helps the vehicle to speed up faster.

Using hydrogen fuel creates electricity, the electricity that is leftover from driving the car goes into the battery, and when you are driving the car at a similar speed and the engine stops when the battery is charged Goes when you need extra speed, starts again,

Free from pollution

The only product produced using hydrogen fuel is water, and this water is so pure that you can drink it yourself.

Cheap fuel

Petrol and diesel are brought from other countries for fuel at the petrol pump. Despite the considerable cost of petrol and diesel, the cost of bringing it and a huge tax on top of all those fees and prices, thus increasing the price of petrol and diesel Go,

But hydrogen is produced on a petrol pump itself, by separating it from water in its most accessible form. Now the owner of a petrol pump has to decide how much profit he wants to pay per kilogram. The tax he has to pay is only a small part of the profit after earning the profit, thus making hydrogen much cheaper than petrol and diesel.

The danger of Hydrogen Fuel Car

In case of accident of any vehicle, there is a risk of fire and explosion, it is more important to think when you are sitting on top of the hydrogen tank,
But Toyota has revealed in its recent tests that a hydrogen car is safer than a petrol car, for example, if you fry a petrol car’s tank with a bullet, in that case, there will be a fire and may explode. , But after frying the hydrogen tank with bullets, your bullets will not make holes in the tank and get stuck in the top surface of the tank. Because hydrogen tanks are much stronger.

Toyota, in one of his experiments, shot a hydrogen tank using a caliber gun, which caused a hole in the tank. But there was no explosion. Hydrogen gas oxygen is very light, so even if there is a fire, the fire will not spread, but the fire will go straight up.

Our role In Hydrogen Fuel Car

We are working with our partners in various fields. Our partner on Hydrogen Car is Hydrogenics. Along with that, we are also working on hydrogen power plant project besides hydrogen car.

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