Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy 1

Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet caters to the needs of senior citizens or parents who are retired and want to secure their lives with daily health expenses. This plan is much cheaper than other plans. You can expand it further. Can understand from

What medical costs and advantages it covers?

  • Lifelong renewals until the age of maturity arrives.
  • All kinds of daycare procedures are covered that are treated without any long duration of hospitalization.
  • Covers in-patient hospitalization expenses which last for more than 24 hours for particular illness listed by the company for coverage.
  • Coverage for pre-existing diseases that are present in the insured’s body before the policy purchase.
  • A discount of 10% is allowed on the premium if the medical test report of the policyholder is submitted like Stress Thallium Report, Sugar (blood and urine), creatinine, blood urea, and BP Report, etc.
  • In this plan, for the period of 30 days before the insurance claim of the insured in the hospital for treatment, hospital expenses due to illness can be obtained in advance.
  • Post-hospitalization expenses after the treatment of illness and which is recommended by the doctor. Surgeon / Consultant fees, Medicines, Nursing fees, and Drug expenses, Diagnostic fees are the expenses accepted by Star Health Insurance. A total amount of Rs 5,000 to 10,000 based on the insured amount chosen is given for expenses incurred.
  • Emergency ambulance service in a networked or non-networked hospital will be provided to the insured for quick and comfortable arrival at the hospital for emergency treatment, which is borne by the insurance company, Maximum coverage of Rs 3,000 is given in a policy period. The minimum is Rs 1,200 per policy period. The coverage will be in accordance with the insured amount chosen.
  • 50% of the insured amount is guaranteed for the payment of expenses such as cost of pacemaker, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, anesthesia, etc.
  • 25% of the insured amount is provided towards the payment of specialist’s fees, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants, and surgeon.
  • Out-patient consultation for any minor illness in any network hospitals from a doctor where Rs 200 is given for each consultation. The per capita counseling limit per policy year will depend on the optimized amount and the type of cover chosen i.e. individual base policies and family floater policies.
  • Cost Health check-ups for the insured amount of Rs 5 lakhs or more. For floater basis policies, the minimum and the maximum coverage allowed is Rs 3,500 to 4,500 for an assured amount more than or equal to Rs 10 lakhs.
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